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Some background on PalbergWERX

Unlike other Vancouver agencies, working with PalbergWERX means you work directly with the creative talent - that's me, and it's better that way.


I have over 25 years experience in design, advertising and marketing. I've worked with companies both small and large and understand the challenges - in terms of time and resources - that both types of companies face daily. 

I make it my business to understand your business.


My goal is to understand your vision through in-person discovery meetings and then connect your business strategy with memorable, advertisment visuals to communicate with and engage your audience.

Working directly together, means that ideas can flow freely and quickly, which is important as a great business needs great opinions. I won't shoe-horn any project into a pre-determined process as each have their own needs and requirements - what I do is build concepts unique for each of my clients.

If you're planning to expand your reach, establish your businesses unique voice, or evolve your existing brand, then you require a creative with the experience to help you get there.    Sincerely, Richard Palberg



Just a few examples of recent work


Everything I handle at PalbergWERX

Your image and identity are a powerful and symbolic representation of your business. Branding is the most powerful way to form an emotional connection between your customers and your business - to both captivate and empower.

You know your business better than anyone else, but what I will do is make sure that your business image is portrayed in a way that makes your customers engage with your company and that equals a higher return on your investment.


If you are serious about investing in your company and want the job done right the first time, call me and let's discuss your creative needs.

- Brand strategy and tactics

- Logo and identity asset design

- Marketing material production

- Photography, Video editing and effects

- Ad campaigns and media purchases

- Inbound/outbound digital campaigns

- Website design and content creation


National laser manufacturer -rebranding
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