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Some background on PalbergWERX

You can hire an inexperienced designer or student to create an economic logo or even your branding, but what you will arrive at is a quick, off the shelf design or idea that won’t serve your companies strategic goals. Likely the person creating your brand will have very limited experience or perhaps no relevant education. This might suit your purpose if you are creating a side business and you plan to stay small and local.


However, if you are in the business of expanding your reach, establishing a reputation for quality and plan to grow or franchise your business outside of your local market, then you require a creative with the experience to help you get there. My goal is to understand your brand and vision through in-person discovery meetings and then extract that strategy through research and build a ground up concept to ensure your brand or projects are unique.

Your brand is the face of your business, it should differentiate you from your competition, and express your organizations core philosophy. If you consider the amortization of the upfront costs you will realize this is an important and relatively low cost investment if made wisely.


In brief, I've worked in Vancouver for over 25 years in both creative and marketing roles. I've been employed for both small businesses and large corporations and am well aware of the challenges, in terms of time and resources, that an organization faces.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘A square peg in a round hole’ might have been speaking about each of us today.


In the past, I've held a wide variety of positions including; graphic designer, production manager, sales leader, marketing facilitator, creative director, animator, project leader, copywriter, executive director, videographer, all with a wide list of associated responsibilities.

I may not be as rare as a Unicorn or the Tooth Fairy, but I believe that my background and body of work, highlight just a few of the qualities that would make me the perfect fit to partner with your business.

- sincerely, Richard Palberg

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