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Logos are an important part of branding. They provide the basic information about a company and it's services or products. They also have a broader role in marketing a business. For example, within each department of a supermarket there are shelves of assorted product, each with a logo and visual identity: this is what distinguishes them from each other. It is proven that recognizable branding equals an increase in sales.


People can only remember

15% of what they HEAR three days later,

but can remember

65% of what they SEE three days later!


I have over 25 years creative experience working with both small businesses and large corporations developing brand and marketing materials. When you hire me, I will act in much the same way as an agency does by first understanding your company identity 
and what is required to make your story relevant to your existing and future customers.


The aim of a logo and brand is to engage your audience

and help them identify with your organization.


Read more about the process in this ARTICLE of how I helped make a local contractor increase his revenue through a modern logo design that showcases his brand's identity.


From logo design and branding, advertising and marketing as well as social media or other digital campaigns, I have the knowledge and expertise to make your next project exceed your expectations. Find more information on my services page, with links to case studies and other samples and don't hesitate to contact me.


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CONTACT me to get started today 604-356-1144 |

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