Black and White photo challenge on Facebook

Yes, sometimes I can waste hours on facebook not accomplishing anything - but, thanks to a friend of mine - I was challenged to create five unique black and white photos in as many days! Although, my Vancouver design agency, PalbergWERX Creative Direction, wasn't involved with this challenge, we do offer photography as a service and I thought it might be interesting to show these in our blog.

The first one below was shot in my bedroom using the available light streaming through the window blinds. A great side effect was the semi-trasparent cross created by the back lip and hot spot on the back side of the vase (no photoshop).

This was my second shot, and obvious set up and post production. For my inspiration I used Dali's famous 'Christ of St. John of the Cross' painting as reference. The image is a crucifix given to me by my grandmother when I was a child and the background is a photo of the surrounding Bowen Island vista shot from my balcony in early morning light.

Out of ideas on the third day, I was just shooting around the house and captured this flowering plant.

Oooo - and on day four I was back with a vengence! I assembled this cast of Munny characters and shot the hero shot both low with a wide angle on my kitchen table. Post production created the reflections and graphic light rays.

Final image is a self portrait using a single light and blocking most of the light with a hoodie.

If anyone is interested in posts regarding how PalbergWERX Design + Photography created these shots or how the post production was accomplished, leave a comment below.

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