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3 Tips why original photos increases conversions

According to The Digital Marketer, quality product photographs can have a huge impact in digital marketing conversions, up to +145%, if done correctly! 5 reasons Great Design will increase your profits Poor product images, however, are worse than none at all, so hiring a professional photographer makes sense when you consider the above statistic. According the the Neilsen research group (report Link here), images that are content specific to the task at hand, and not just eye candy, can have a dramatic effect on your websites sales.

Below the photo was taken for a pottery artisan and the uptake on her customer conversion was significant.

PalbergWERX Design + Photography Vancouver logo brand concept

Tip 1 – Emotions rule

Many people buy for emotional reasons. If you make them feel just right, they’ll take action. The same rule applies when choosing images for your campaigns. A powerful image brings out strong emotions. Emotions are powerful, and they work. Your customers and prospects aren’t stupid. They know what you’re trying to convey, they see it. Tap into those feelings and they will connect with your product better. The perks of leveraging emotions can be very powerful, but it’s how you do it that matters.

Custom photography, post-production effects and type design by PalbergWERX make the image below evocative and nostalgic- who doesn't wistfully long for days gone by?

PalbergWERX Design + Photography Vancouver logo brand concept

Tip 2 – Give your photos the human touch

Boost your campaign’s conversion rate by using human faces. They get your prospects to focus more and this causes them to draw towards a common point of interest. It doesn’t get more real than that.

The image below was used for a local Facebook ad campaign. You can read about the details in my upcoming blog outlining the specific metrics.

PalbergWERX promotional design for local Vancouver customer

PalbergWERX marketing design concept

Tip 3 – Think outside the box

Today’s technology allows you to do so much more – leverage it. You are only limited by your imagination. People want to see something new. Make your marketing campaigns scream “I’m different” with your images or videos.

The image on the right is a link to a marketing video, conceived, shot and animated by PalbergWERX for a facebook ad campaign - it was very successful and you can read about the metrics in an upcoming blog.


If you would like to take your design or photos to the next level,

call PalbergWERX Creative Direction

at 604-356-1144 or email me at

I can help you craft images that will increase your campaign or website conversions!

PalbergWERX Design + Photography Vancouver logo brand concept

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