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The Studio - 1975

The Studio was the name of a small artists' loft formed in 1975 by four comic book artists, commercial illustrators and painters in Manhattan's Chelsea district. These artists were Barry Windsor-Smith, Jeff Jones, Michael William Kaluta, and Bernie Wrightson. They released a collective book called, appropriately enough, The Studio and I've included some images below.

This book was hugely influencial on my illustration and style during my early years. These artists were at the very forefront of some of the best work coming out of the 'comics' field, when the monotlithic corporations were really limiting and degrading most of it's artists work. The legacy of these artists - along with some of the golden age illustrators - cannot be understated.


- photographs by Richard Palberg, PalbergWERX Creative Direction

Jeff Jones

Michael William Kaluta

Barry Windsor-Smith

Bernie Wrightson

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