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Siegfried the Mighty Warrior - Part 1

We can never predict from where inspiration will strike and with that in mind, I will also blog about various work that has influenced PalbergWERX Creative Direction over the years.

Siegfried, the Mighty Warrior was the first book given to me and an early inspiration creatively. It inspired my dreams and firmly defined my cultural heritage. The images to my young self were larger than life, as was the story. The book is divided into two parts, the first shown here is about the love between Siegfried and Kreimhilda, the treachery of her brothers and the death of the mighty Siegfried, leaving Kreimhilda devastated in her role in the death of her husband. The illustrations are rich, stylized and absolutely of the trends of the late 60's in illustration ~ I hope you enjoy them as much as I have always done.

Illustrated by Lazlo Gal

Told by Maria De Vivanco

Originally published 1966 in Italian

English version published 1968

- Photographs Richard Palberg, PalbergWERX Creative Direction

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