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Dreaming of Heavy Metal (Lovecraft edition) - Part 3

I've always been fascinated with frightening stories, from my first book titled 'Siegfried, The Mighty Warrior' with it's tales of Siegfried defeating a monstrous dragon, being bathed in the animals protective blood (see my blog on this book here) and finally betrayed by his wife and murdered by her brothers. I've always had a dark view of story telling. So, my surprise and excitement could not be held in check when I read a promotion from Heavy Metal that they would do an all Lovecraft edition.

(Photography by Richard Palberg shot at F4 for a shallow depth of field to create a nostalgic feel)

This cover was great and keep in mind the edition was published in October 1979, long before the desktop publishing revolution and Photoshop manipulation!


Purported excepts from the infamous grimoire The Necromonomicon, written by the Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred,


The broodingly illustrated 'The Dunwhich Horror' by Breccia, has some fantastical imagery that I thought captured the visions I entertained in my mind while reading Lovecrafts short stories.



The first story in the edition was titled 'Final Justice' and it was a gothic horror told in the traditional fashion illustrated by Chateau


Moebius also had his hand in this story titled simply enough, "KTULU'


'The Man From BlackHole', by Clerc is stylistic mad mans fantasy


Here painter Nicollet cast H.P.Lovecraft himself in his own horror story!


American comic artist illustrates the story 'Bad Breath' and its fantastic - even Frank Frazetta would be proud of this highly influences artists work.


'The Language of Cats' by Clavelous - his name must mean something as his prediction that cats wold rule our subconscious now as truly clairvoyant.


This issue had many more stories and columns dedicated to Lovecraft - truly wonderful and I don't think Heavy Metal was ever to repeat an experiment quite like this one.

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