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5 steps to set up a lead magnet on Wix with Mailchimp

(DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MEDIUM) There is a lot of work involved with building a new business, everything from the nuts 'n bolts of registering your company, building workflows, databases, forms, templates to the higher level strategy and tactics. As a small Vancouver based design agency, PalbergWERX Creative Direction, consisting of just myself and on-call supply partners it can take up a huge amount of time, but, when all the fun stuff is close to complete, it is vital to begin developing leads and contacts that will generate cash flow - and one way is to automate an inbound marketing strategy.

Here I've outlined how I created my automated inbound marketing workflow using a lead magnet and you should too.

PalbergWERX Vancouver freelance design and 5 reasons why great design will increase your profits

A lead magnet, simply put, is an irresistible bribe offering specific value to a potential client in exchange for their contact information. There are many types of inbound lead magnet tactics, including contests, service offers and downloads to name a few. I chose the download method as I thought it would be a great way for me to talk about the benefits of design in marketing (which is the service I provide) as well as how it can create value for my potential customers and simultaneously increase my own value.

STEP 1) The first step was writing a white paper that outlines benefits and value and saving it in a format that has become universally readable. You can use any publishing software, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, to create the document and output a PDF. The challenge was finding data that applied to my business model and it took approximately a day of online research and composing the document. In this case, the whitepaper is all about the power of images, so I had to make sure that I was using original PalbergWERX images and not bad stock images found online to make my point. You can download a copy here to see for yourself.

STEP 2) The second step was finding the right place to position this lead magnet on my website. I decided to create a top most banner across my website header.

PalbergWERX Wix website sample of inbound lead magnet button

This way it would be seen on every page of my site.

The text I wrote uses a numeral (5) to describe the value proposition, as it has been shown that using numerals increases engagement. I also added a peer or insiders message referring to 'other professionals', this is a psychological tweak that makes the reader feel part of an elite group.

PalbergWERX color design theory chart

I used orange for the button color as it both matched my company brand and as well because color theory says that it is best

for aggressive

call-to-actions or subscriptions or buy

or sell actions. I also choose the blue as the complimentary color for the bar because it implies trust.

(Source Buffer)

STEP 3) Of course, I needed a landing page where my potential leads would be directed if they clicked the top banner (equally needed for any other marketing devices I may choose to employ in the future - such as social media ads, etc). My landing page shows a visual graphic of the document cover (which again mentions the benefit). The supporting text on the right reinforces the benefit, creates an emotional appeal and has a single contrasting colored call-to-action button. Notice, I only ask for their email as it has shown to have a greater success rate than if I also request their name, or worse, requested even more information.

PalbergWERX lead magnet email subscription

STEP 4) My next step was in creating the automated subscription and email response. My website is built with Wix and I used the free Mailchimp app. You will also have to sign up with Mailchimp web service, but it is also free and very easy to use - in fact, the editor is similar to Wix - so you should feel right at home. Within Mailchimp, then it is necessary set up my campaign list and then build my email that the subscribers will receive (shown below), including the document - and yes, Mailchimp allows you to upload docs directly in your email campaign. Again, I use language that reinforces the benefit to increase conversions. I've also included social media shares in the footer.

vancouver wix created lead magnet using mailchimp

STEP 5) Next, you have to setup the automated workfow so that every subscription recieved by Mailchimp will automatically recieve your email. Don't forget to link to your campaign list in your Mailchimp app on Wix!

It is important to make your email subject clear so they will open it and they can also refer to it in the future if they didn't at that time. My email subject was: 5 reasons why design will increase your bottom line. Each new email subscriber will immediately receive the email after entering their contact info on my site and it includes a link to view the PDF document in their browser or they can choose to download it to their desktop or mobile device.

PalbergWERX 5 reason great design publication

I've also crafted a footer with a link advertising this document and will include that on all my related blogs, so if you want the document yourself, you can download it at the bottom of this page.

That's it, now I no longer have to worry about this setup and can just concentrate on getting my message out there. Towards that effort, I will boost this post using social media relevant to my geographical area, defined by keyword interests. I'll cover that process in an upcoming blog.

If you have any questions of how to do this on your Wix site, leave a comment below or email me at If you've enjoyed this post then please Click to Tweet to your network.


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I can help you craft a website that will represent your company's brand and values

as well as resonate and engage your customers - and that is the recipe for increased sales.

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