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How to create a FREE Wix testimonial slider

(DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EASY) Wix is a hugely popular platform for building websites and one of its best qualities are the wonderfully designed user friendly interfaces, which allow you to easily and quickly build a website of almost any description. There are a number of apps in the Wix market that will create great testimonials, including text, photo and even customer input. If you need that kind of automation, then the best solution is to pay for an app, however, if you just need simple text/photo testimonials on your website that you won't update often - then there is a free way to do this within Wix.

STEP 1) First figure out where you will position your testimonials on your website. I think that the home page, header or footer are the best places for this. Testimonials adds credibility to your business and potential customers will look for other user's experience with your product or service. In my case I choose to put my testimonial on my header so it would be on every page that I may build in the future.

PalbergWERX home page sample image of testimonial slider

PalbergWERX wix gallery detail

STEP 2) Now, I wanted a testimonial that would change and I wanted to be able to control the rate of change. So, just grab one of Wix's image sliders and position it in the place you want to add your testimonials. You can find the sliders on the left hand editor under 'gallery'. I used the 'slideshow' because it would look entirely like a testimonial slider if I hid the text and navigation icons. Next, position the slider and size it for your page. Then you will have to take a screen shot of the actual size and shape of the slider you have laid out on your page.

PalbergWERX testimonial final slider

STEP 3) Take your screen shot and open it in your favorite desktop text/image editor. This could be Microsoft Word, or Paint. I used Adobe Photoshop because I'm comfortable using that software. You need to size your document to the exact size of your screenshot. Now you want to find your actual testimonial text and paste it into your editor and size it to fit the screenshot of your slider. TIP: If you will do this numerous times or perhaps you will add more testimonials in the future, then it would be a good idea to save your first document as a template that you can reuse again and again.

STEP 4) Once you've done one you have to save each individual testimonial as a JPEG. I use a simple protocol for my testimonials, calling them 'testimonial 1' and so on. However, if you may find it important to have a more descriptive title, you might choose to include the name of who said the testimonial.

PalbergWERX slider gallery settings

STEP 5) Go to the Wix editor, click on the Slide Show and open the 'Organize Images' tab. Here you will upload all the unique JPEG testimonials. Now, we also need to adjust some settings so that the slider doesn't show any text or navigation bars. Again, click on the Slide Show and go to 'Settings'. Here you want to go down to 'When image is clicked' and select the 'Do nothing' under the pull down menu.

PalbergWERX slider gallery color and text settings

Then you want to go to the 'Personalize this Gallery > Advanced Styles. Here you want to make sure that all the colors for your background, border, text and any mouseovers are completely transparent. You can do that by selecting the little checkerbox icon to the right of the color selectors.

Really, that's it!

Now your slider is ready to go live. Before you do, you might want to dress up the background of your testimonial slider. Because we already set the background transparency, you can put anything you want behind the slider, from a simple color box, or as you can see, I used a talk balloon graphic behind mine.


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