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8 ways to use engaging video in your marketing

Yes, we get it! Video is important! We both know that customers are 64% more likely to buy your products or services after watching a video about them. 96% of online shoppers watch video. Worldwide, video is the most effective social-media marketing method currently in existence. The average viewer will spend 6 minutes on websites with video and only 57 seconds on website without. Video SEO is 53 times more likely to land on the first page of google (you can read more about optimizing your Video SEO here). And the list goes on...

So yes, we all know video marketing is powerful - then, why are only 24 percent of brands using online video to reach customers?

If your company hasn't yet begun using video, here are some inspirational ideas to finally start your video strategy. Promotional video by PalbergWERX Creative Direction

1. Show off what differentiates you and your company.

Explain what differentiates your business from others. We can likely remember the extraordinarily successful Apple campaign some years ago - 'I'm a Mac and I'm a PC' - highlighting the difference between a Mac and a PC. Whatever your feelings about both brands at that time, the commercials very clearly spelled out the differentiations between both products as well as engaging the internet community far beyond their existing customer base at that time.

(Apple commercials are the copyright of Apple Inc. and are only represented here for educational purposes)

With an explainer video of what your company does, it makes it easy for your potential customers to understand the value for them. Over 70 percent of ad agencies make the claim that video ads online are is effective, or more so, than television advertising.

2. Tease with a video preview of a brand-new product.

Short teaser films or even behind the scene clips of the development of a new product can be used to create excitement of an upcoming product. Share it on your social media networks and be sure to include details about the new product. To measure your video ROI, consider adding a call-to-action for an early bird discount.

3. Shed light on a complicated process.

If you have found it difficult to explain your service to either potential or existing customers, consider using video to describe the process. For many people, video is the easiest way for them to learn or understand new information.

4. Capture your best customer testimonials singing your praises.

Testimonials add credibility and trust for your services and products and videos showing genuine enthusiasm for your company are the most powerful example of this. Your audience will be able to easily put themselves in the shoes of the customer giving the testimonial and that will have incredible impact.

5. Answer questions received from your customers with a video.

You have received many questions in the past about your company and services, in fact, you may have a FAQ somewhere on your website addressing the most common ones. Consider using a short video to answer each of the most common and share them via your social media channels. This will make your customer service shine as well as bring a personalized face to your company. It will also increase the potential for engagement with your social media - remember, social media should be social!

6. Create something of value for your customers - for FREE.

By creating free resources or tutorials for your customers, you are giving them a reason to visit your website. This is the basic strategy of inbound marketing and using a video has the highest click-through rates. For example, if you are a Realtor and looking for new client listings, you could offer a video of how to prepare a household to move. This has two benefits;

1) Potentially finding customers that are considering listing their homes

2) Building good-will, credibility and trust.

You could schedule this idea as a regular post on your social channels and build a landing page to measure engagement. You could go further and offer a free PDF transcript of the video as well as a pre-built checklist that they can download if they enter their name and email - now you have a new lead. (You can read how I set up an inbound lead magnet here)

7. Use it for a clever Landing Page.

We now know that our collective attention span is lower than that of a goldfish - at under 6 seconds - and what better way to explain exactly what you do in a brief amount of time than a video. Below is a landing page video for my design company and it's only 11 seconds long!

PalbergWERX unsubscribe webpage design

8. Use it for a clever Unsubscribe Page.

Speaking of landing pages, the unsubscribe page is likely one of the most neglected marketing pages in existence... but, some companies are killing it with pages that actually lower the number of email clients lost! Consider what the pain points your customers are having when designing your unsubscribe video - just as you would when you wooed them in the first place and be sure to incorporate those points in your video.


If you would like a video for your product or service,

call PalbergWERX Creative Direction

at 604-356-1144 or email me at

I can help you craft a video that will represent your company's brand and values

as well as resonate and engage your customers - and that is the recipe for increased sales.

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