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5 New Year's social media tips for business

PalbergWERX 2016 New Year's social media tips image

Although creative services is my primary focus at PalbergWERX, I can't ignore the powerful reach of Social Media channels and here are my 2018 Social Media tips for business small or large.

1. Stay focused on your businesses voice and the types of conversations you want to have with your customers.

Ok, I confess, I'm guilty of doing this all the time with PalbergWERX. Small businesses will often use business accounts as personal accounts, posting comments on politics, events in the community or other issues that shouldn't be part of the voice of your business or on a business account. It is critical to always separate your personal online social posts from your business engagement. If you find you are doing this with your business account, make a month- or year-end goal to create a personal account so you can post those items most personally important to you.

2. Learn how to deal with negative feedback.

On your business social sites if you have negative feedback, you should not deal with it by blocking individuals from commenting. Keep your cool and be respectful, while engaging them to understand what is bothering them. Once they realize you are listening, take the conversation offline via Direct Messaging (DM), email or by telephone.

Trolls; these are individuals that post negative or contrarian positions simply to create a frenzy of responses. The best way to deal with these individuals - after trying positive engagement and offering your assistance -it is sometimes best to simply let the conversation die on the vine and stop commenting. Trolling is transparent to the vast majority of online users and if not handled poorly, it does not have a negative effect on your businesses brand.

3. Watch what you choose to post online

Measure twice, cut once is an age old maxim that just makes plain sense. Be careful that you or your staff don't inadvertantly post images of upcoming products, design, ideas or other intellectual property. Be sure your social media marketing plan - is an actual plan and written down. Sharing business information can have dire consequences for any company.

However, having said that, there are great reasons to roll out a new product with a sales and marketing strategy that may include hints as to the product, the timing of release or perhaps even pre-order price savings. Just be sure everyone is on the same page.

4. Hacking happens, but it's not a big deal

Social media sites are very good at preventing hacking and if your business account is compromised, the chances are greater that it was by internal sources rather than external. If your social media accounts have been hacked, once you've regained control, be transparent about what happened and apologize.

The best way to avoid hacking is through regular updated passwords and creating a password and user policy for everyone handling social media accounts.

5. Be relevant, don’t just make noise.

It's crucial to understand who your customers are and post the relevant information

they want. Posting just to meet a pre-required number of messages each day will not engage your ideal audience. Here you have to work with your sales and marketing department to define the strategy of your short- and long-term goals and figure out how to implement them in a way that will inform and engage your ideal customers. If you do, you will be rewarded with increased sales persuasion, awareness and loyalty.


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