Logo and business card re-design for a Residential/Commercial construction company

When meeting with a new client it's important to have a clear overview of their company function as well as how they view their own business brand. Ideally, I'd really like to understand how the clients existing customers, staff and partners view the brand, which may be at odds or come as a surprise to the owner. I accomplish this via distributed questionnaires and discussions with staff and clients.

Jonathan Kerridge of Vancouver based Lido Properties Ltd approached my design agency, PalbergWERX Creative Direction, to re-make his identity and website. He felt that it could use a refresh, especially since the website was designed approximately 10 years ago and both technology as well as Lido Properties' focus had changed during that time period.

(source: original Lido Properties website screen capture www.http://lidoproperties.com/)

Jonathan's company is a high quality, bespoke developer and renovation expert. He offers complete integration of services from initial architectural designs to final delivery, which allows his clients to enjoy a stress free experience. His target market are home owners with a degree of understanding of the costs associated with beautiful, high quality construction and he also wished to expand his market to include commercial developers.

PalbergWERX business card mockup of original design