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Re-branding a national beauty laser manufacturer

I was approached by Amanda Hall, the President and owner of Nu Body Equipment and Sales Ltd., a laser manufacturer in the beauty industry to provide a proposal for a company rebrand. Nu Body had been successful in the entry level market and her typical client was a small spa interested in adding a laser treatment machine to their business or a home-based spa just starting out. Amanda's goal was to position her company's perceived value higher than it currently was. To get a clearer picture of her customer base, I prepared both an internal facing staff survey as well as an external facing customer survey. This would provide us the necessary information to create an encompassing strategy for Nu Body.

(Nu Body logo presentation. Source: PalbergWERX files)

The current customers include a large mix of immigrant women who are looking for a comprehensive business that they can run themselves and within a field that they are passionate about. Perhaps not uniquely, but they are initially driven by pricing when first connecting with Nu Body, however that is not their number one criteria when making a purchase. We found that customer service, equipment service and turn-key marketing support and materials were higher in importance to them than price.

This confirmed some of Amanda's suspicions regarding their existing marketing positioning and materials. My job was now to bring the in-place materials and overall brand identity up to the level with in the market that Nu Body wanted to occupy.

(Left: previous website, Right: new website - Source: PalbergWERX files)

The original logo was poorly conceived because there was no consideration given to the various sizes it would be displayed. The very fine lines in the logo would not be reproduced successfully. In regards to the look and feel of the logo, it definitely gave the impression of being out of date and not very sophisticated or elegant.

I worked on a number of designs before settling on the creation an abstract image of a woman's figure in place of the letter 'B'. This helped to add an element of grace and sophistication to the wordmark and as well it would be very readable in all sizes. I choose a rounded font to add to the beauty and softness of the logo. The natural curves of the abstract figure also gave me the curved lines I would use in the background of the identity to convey the idea of 'light rays', which is how the Nu Body DermaLase IPL laser works.

(Front cover and Back cover Nu Body DermaLase IPL brochure. Source: PalbergWERX files)

There were a tremendous amount of elements making up the existing Nu Body identity that had to be replaced as well as new ones created - everything from the logo and business cards, redesigning the entire website, updating existing client facing marketing materials, product photography and videography and marketing materials designed for the Nu Body customer to use to get up and running after purchase.

(Nu Body DermaLase IPL product photography beauty editing. Source PalbergWERX)

(Nu Body DermaLase IPL product video. Creative Direction and Production PalbergWERX)

Another area that had to be addressed was the Nu Body online social channel presence. Before beginning work on this project, Nu Body had a variety of looks and styles across the internet. It was up to me to unify the experience across all of these channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I also took the time to set up a media manager, Hootsuite in this case, to make life easier for Nu Body staff and future in-house post scheduling.

I created a number of branded social media memes as well as branded video testimonials which I scheduled over a 5 month period to the end of the year. I also found and curated a number of related articles that Nu Body followers on the various social media channels would find of value - these too were scheduled in advance over a 5 month period -and this gave the Nu Body brand exposure regularly across their social media channels keeping them top-of-mind with both their existing and potentially new customers.

(Social media memes. Source: PalbergWERX files)

After the identity collateral was completed the next steps were to begin both online and physical advertising campaigns. Online the strategy was to increase awareness and raise the value perception of the Nu Body brand and the DermaLase IPL product. Initially I set up a Facebook video ad, running the new product video over a two week period to test response. The ad was 'pay for click through', in which we sent any prospective leads to the Nu Body homepage.

The digital ad was localized to the Greater Vancouver area. The customer demographic were fairly broad and targeted to women between the ages of 25-45 and the ad would run between 6:30am to 9:30pm. The total ad spend was limited to life time budget of $200 from the period of June 7th to June 17th (fall off in graph shows the remaining dollar spend for a half day on June 17th) and shows over 61,000 impressions with a reach of over 20,000 local women.

(Facebook video advertisment. Source: Nu Body Facebook ad account)

A second ad was built for Google ad words. We identified a list of keywords that would be used as triggers for the ad and set a monthly budget of $550. The graph below shows the performance of the first 7 days.

Planned print media purchases in national related trade publications as well as local demographic related newsprint.

(Fresh magazine ad publication. Source: PalbergWERX files)

Finally, I also created an inbound marketing email drip campaign for new subscribers as well as 6 months of pre-built newsletters. The initial emails were directed to new potential leads and included 3 initial welcome emails with free valuable and informative white papers prior to a regular run of the monthly newsletter.

(NuBody Equipment monthly newsletter samples. Source: NuBody Mailchimp template)

It was a tremendous experience working with Amanda and the entire NuBody team, everyone was excited to be onboard the re-branding efforts and the results, I think, speak for themselves.

" Richard, of PalbergWERX, re-branded and is now marketing my business Nu Body Equipment Sales Ltd. He created a new identity, beautiful website, product videos, ads, memes, etc. I love how he needs minimal input from myself and can work with my challenging team! Nu Body has seen financial improvements from the implementation of all his amazing work. Also our clients love the marketing tools he is creating for them and I highly recommend him. "

- Amanda Hall, NuBody Equipment Ltd

Canadian Manufacturer of the Dermalase IPL


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