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Logo design for Greater Vancouver drywall firm

Nolan Frehlick and Brandon Gray of DBG Drywall Inc. approached my design agency, PalbergWERX Creative Direction, to create a fresh identity and website for the Vancouver based drywall business. They were referred to me by We Stripe Parking Lots, for whom I also created a new identity and website - read more about We Stripe

Richard Palberg illustrating Lido logo

(source: PalbergWERX Creative Direction)

After my initial discovery meeting with Nolan it's time to do some more research into the drywall industry as well as DBG's competitors - and only then is it time to pull out the trusty sketch pad. Here I just casually try a number of ideas without specific goals in mind - I don't want to limit myself too much at this stage.

PalbergWERX early lido construction group logo ideas

Digitally, I then begin to experiment with the concept of building blocks - the very stuff that makes up the foundation of DBG's work.

While working with the logo, I was simultaneously exploring font variations, of which a few samples are shown above. Depending on the outcome of the final logo, the fonts would likely change, but this is a good way to give my client an idea of how fonts can change the character of a logo. One of the considerations while choosing the font was the legibility and readability in an extreme variety of circumstances. My client would be using the logo/word mark on business cards as well as vehicle signage and on-site signage.

The initial letter samples were all too ridged, and although drywall - as an end product - should be ridged, I have always felt that in the process and application it was less hard edged. It could be because of the fine dust, the white color or the blue board to which it is applied, but that lead me to develop a custom font application that mixed symbolism into the letter form and softened the overall letter forms just enough.

The final logo has evolved from the simplified font choice to include a stylized drywall trowel shape incorporated into the G and further customized for clarity and legibility in all sizes.

When developing the business card, there are numerous opportunities to consider special print or manufacturing processes. Below is a sample card that shows the variety of standardized Foils available. and these days, CMYK can also be printed in Foil.

Foil print examples for Lido business card design

While looking for a printer that could handle the special Foil process, I was also looking for a substantial weight for the card. I felt that the heft of a thick card would also help to communicate the identity of DBG. In this digital age it's even more important if doing a traditional print job to stand out and the extra thick cards would help do just that. The additional benefit of using a thick card was that the edge paint would be another strong element in the overall card identity.

Final PalbergWERX logo design and business card for Lido Properties Ltd.

The card is printed - by Ember Print in Toronto, who did a really fantastic job - on 26pt Silk Laminate with black edge paint.

"A colleague of mine in the construction industry had just completed their new business brand identity – business cards, truck signage, website and they were all just fantastic – and he referred me to Richard of PalbergWERX. Richard created a smart, modern and sophisticated identity for us at DBG Drywall that still feels approachable. After giving him an overview of our company and the industry in general, he did his homework. researched our competitors, outlined what they are doing and why - and from there created and implemented a content strategy for our website. His work and dedication are fantastic and I'll definitely recommend him to all my colleagues as well."

- Nolan Frehlick, DBG Drywall Ltd.


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