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Richard’s strong work ethic and impeccable professionalism speak to his exceptional character. Any firm would be incredibly fortunate to have Richard in their employ.Matt  Maxwell PhD

President @ AIM Language Learning Inc.


Richard is one of the brightest and most organized people I’ve met. This has allowed him to successfully manage complex projects, create short- and long-term corporate strategies, and construct company-wide budgets.
David Demner
Senior Technical Engineer/Project Manager

@ AquaQ Analytics

Richard is an excellent manager with both the skill and talent to inspire and direct those under his supervision. His communication skills are exemplary; he is both decisive and straightforward and highly effective at motivating and achieving desired results from his employees. As a leader, he is an invaluable
asset to his team and management.
Jacqueline Massey
Executive Director@BIAC


Jack-of-all-trades is often a disparaging term, so I choose to refer to Richardas a renaissance man instead. If his broad range of skills was in the formof a tool-belt, Batman himself would be jealous. Print design, web, design,copy-editing and the effective management of production in all these areasmake Richard an invaluable member of the AIM team and a pleasure to workwith. We’re literally on other sides of the planet, but you wouldn’t think it.

Matt Kennedy

Creative Director @ 272 IDea Works


Richard has a well formulated skill set from design, illustration, animation and photography to project management and business development contributing largely towards his success as a respected manager in the industry. Objective, efficient, critical, yet polite and sensitive to others with an exceptional aptitude
for aesthetics. Richard is extremely positive and passionate about his work. I would certainly recommend him for any organization.
Craig Nordenmark
Production Manager @ NMMEDIA

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